‘Tumlaren’ was built in Lavender Bay, Sydney in 1981 by well-known boat builder, Bob Gordon. Mr Gordon designed and built the ‘Tumlaren’ as a scaled down version of Dick Smith’s vessel that was sailed to Antarctica, also designed by Mr Gordon.

A true testament to the functionality and comfort of his design, Bob Gordon kept ‘Tumlaren’ as a personal pleasure/fishing vessel for many years. She was later sold to Sydney-sider who had planned to sail around the world, a dream that never came to fruition. ‘Tumlaren’ spent the next six years moored under the Gladesville Bridge in Sydney harbour.

In 1999 Darwin Harbour Cruises had been hoping to expand and had been endlessly searching for a suitable vessel. After finding the ‘Tumlaren’ in a significant state of disrepair the owners took on the task of making her sea worthy again and preparing for the big journey north. After countless months and hard work, she was restored back to her former glory.

‘Tumlaren’ is now a beautifully restored 20 metre motorised schooner vessel that comfortably carries up to 45 passengers. With plenty of shaded seating on the open plan deck, the vessel boasts modern amenities to cater for every age of clientele.


‘Charles Darwin’

The ‘Charles Darwin’ is a steel-hulled tri-level catamaran originally named Shangri-La Princess.

Built in Adelaide in 1990 for the Stannard family, a well-known name in the boating industry.

‘Charles Darwin’ was built for use on the Gold Coast “Broadwater” taking passengers from Surfer’s Paradise to the Shangri-La resort on Stradbroke Island

After many years’ service, two further owners and two name changes, she became part of Darwin Harbour Cruises family in April 2010. After extensive re-build and refurbishment in Brisbane, she sailed for Darwin as the Charles Darwin’ in August 2010.